A misunderstanding...

Last session the party had just slain the barbarian leader at the end of The Tomb of Armag. Knowing that there was a barbarian tribe outside the doors the party decided to rest in the tomb and prepare for a hasty retreat if things go south with the barbarian tribe. Upon exiting the tomb the party was approached by several of the barbarians. They demanded to know who had passed the test and had the artifact of Goram. A misunderstanding ensued because the barbarians expected us to win the artifact through single combat. Once it was revealed that was not the case and an Elf (Mynoch) wield the artifact they became very angry.

The party was held under guard until a new barbarian leader could be chosen. The new leader would decide their fate. While under guard the party managed to relay more details around what happened when they went through the tomb. It became clear to the barbarian tribe that the former leader cheated and did not have the favor or their god Goram. The new leader was selected and offered to let the party go if they returned the artifact to the tomb. Mynoch and the new barbarian leader went back into the tomb and encountered the ancient barbarian shaman who they thought was slain earlier. The shaman explained that the former barbarian leader cheated and did not have Gorams favor. Goram showed his displeasure by causing the barbarian leader to slay the rest of his party The shaman warned Mynoch about forces gathering against them which they weren’t ready to face. He mentioned a “her” but couldn’t reveal any other details.

The party then journeyed back to Fort Drevlev to return the woman which were held captive.

Dr. Bokken's Trading Post

The party meets Dr. Bokken, does some minor trading.
Expolores the lands to the East.
The Barbarian and Cleric leave the party
The party explores an area full of bones laying spread out on the ground. Thayden is convinced to go up and explore. A Trap Door Spider comes out from under its lair and snatches Thayden and pulls him under. The party rushes in to help and slays the creature and saves Thayden.

The party finds a crude treasure map revealing a hidden cache in another hex on a dead bandit, along with leather armor, short sword, and 10 GP and a silver stag amulet.

The next day the party explores to the S and finds a hidden cache lin the map.

Return to Oleg's Trading Post

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The Party returns to Oleg’s Trading Post.
Guards are here
bandits are handed over
Svetlana dotes on party
Strange cleric is here, talking about abandoned temple with a bear
Party heads to potion maker to the east.

The Bandit campsite

The Party locates the camp, and while most wait a safe distance back, Sumak and the halfling sorcerer Hector quietly map out the camp and note all the watchtowers and guards. Upon their return, it is decided to attack at dawn with a suprise attack near the tents.

Not all goes to plan, and the cleric Emray trips and awakens the bandits who come piling out of the tents to attack. The bandit leader, a female with two hatchets, hastily organizes a defense and tries to hold off the attackers but it is to no avail and the party is successful. The bandits are defeated and one bandit captured. The captured bandit divulges information on their leader named ‘The Stag Lord’, who lives in a fortress to the south.

The Party decides to return to Oleg’s Trading Post with the loot from the campsite and their prisoners (including the one trussed up in a tree miles back) and head back without incident.

The Party follows the trail of the bandits

After resting and recouping, the party proceeds down the backtrail of the bandits to find out more information and possibly their hideout.

While along the trail deep within the woods, the party is ambushed by eight bandits in a clever attack. Archers are hid behind trees and cover on both sides of the trail while others attack from the front. Although some in the party are wounded deep, the bandits are defeated. One bandit flees and is chased down and captured by the half-orc Ranger Sumak, while another bandit surrenders and is cut in two by the barbarian, Jesserie.

The bandit who is captured and brought back by Sumak goes through a rather intimidating ‘negotiation’ process by Sumak involving a large wooden spoon, and soon divulges where their camp is. He is trussed up in a tree to await the parties return.

Thursday, Nov 24

After recieving the writ from The Lord Mayor of Restov, the Party traveled by horse to Oleg’s Trading Post to use as a home base to start their quest to survey the Stolen Land as well as remove any and all banditry.

Upon arriving they were enthusiastically greeted by Oleg Leveton and Svetlana Leveton who mistook the Party for being the reinforcements sent by Restov to protect them from the bandits. When the party explained they were to combat banditry but their main purpose was to survey the land, Oleg was furious. Svetlana calmed Oleg down and explained the situation to the Party.

The Party learned that the bandits show up once a month to demand all their goods or they would hurt and/or kill the Levetons. After learning that the bandits are going to arrive the following morning, the party made plans and set up an ambush.

The bandits arrive at dawn the next morning, and after a fierce battle the Party was victorious. One bandit was captured alive, and after a thorough interrogation it was found out that he was a new member of the gang and was already planning on leaving the bandits as they were not what he was looking for. He revealed his name to be Thayden, and was allowed to join the Party.

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