A misunderstanding...

Last session the party had just slain the barbarian leader at the end of The Tomb of Armag. Knowing that there was a barbarian tribe outside the doors the party decided to rest in the tomb and prepare for a hasty retreat if things go south with the barbarian tribe. Upon exiting the tomb the party was approached by several of the barbarians. They demanded to know who had passed the test and had the artifact of Goram. A misunderstanding ensued because the barbarians expected us to win the artifact through single combat. Once it was revealed that was not the case and an Elf (Mynoch) wield the artifact they became very angry.

The party was held under guard until a new barbarian leader could be chosen. The new leader would decide their fate. While under guard the party managed to relay more details around what happened when they went through the tomb. It became clear to the barbarian tribe that the former leader cheated and did not have the favor or their god Goram. The new leader was selected and offered to let the party go if they returned the artifact to the tomb. Mynoch and the new barbarian leader went back into the tomb and encountered the ancient barbarian shaman who they thought was slain earlier. The shaman explained that the former barbarian leader cheated and did not have Gorams favor. Goram showed his displeasure by causing the barbarian leader to slay the rest of his party The shaman warned Mynoch about forces gathering against them which they weren’t ready to face. He mentioned a “her” but couldn’t reveal any other details.

The party then journeyed back to Fort Drevlev to return the woman which were held captive.



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