The Bandit campsite

The Party locates the camp, and while most wait a safe distance back, Sumak and the halfling sorcerer Hector quietly map out the camp and note all the watchtowers and guards. Upon their return, it is decided to attack at dawn with a suprise attack near the tents.

Not all goes to plan, and the cleric Emray trips and awakens the bandits who come piling out of the tents to attack. The bandit leader, a female with two hatchets, hastily organizes a defense and tries to hold off the attackers but it is to no avail and the party is successful. The bandits are defeated and one bandit captured. The captured bandit divulges information on their leader named ‘The Stag Lord’, who lives in a fortress to the south.

The Party decides to return to Oleg’s Trading Post with the loot from the campsite and their prisoners (including the one trussed up in a tree miles back) and head back without incident.



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