The Party follows the trail of the bandits

After resting and recouping, the party proceeds down the backtrail of the bandits to find out more information and possibly their hideout.

While along the trail deep within the woods, the party is ambushed by eight bandits in a clever attack. Archers are hid behind trees and cover on both sides of the trail while others attack from the front. Although some in the party are wounded deep, the bandits are defeated. One bandit flees and is chased down and captured by the half-orc Ranger Sumak, while another bandit surrenders and is cut in two by the barbarian, Jesserie.

The bandit who is captured and brought back by Sumak goes through a rather intimidating ‘negotiation’ process by Sumak involving a large wooden spoon, and soon divulges where their camp is. He is trussed up in a tree to await the parties return.



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