NPC - Oleg Leveton

The stern owner of Oleg's Trading Post


Oleg is a stern yet unimaginative man in his late 50s. He and his wife, Svetlana Leveton, moved to the abandoned fort to establish a trading post and to keep away from the constant machinations and political maneuverings that dominated urban life in Restov.

They recieved a charter from Restov to rebuild the abandoned fort into a trading post, but shortly after getting set up they were assailed by local banditry and were forced to hand over their goods and profit once a month or be killed. Oleg has recently requested reinforcements to man the fort and has recieved word they are on the way. They initially thought the PC’s were the reinforcements promised and after learning that they were not, Oleg flew into a rage and cursed Restov.

The PC’s agreed to help Oleg and Svetlana confront the bandits and were able to slay all but for the one they have captured named Thayden, who has since joined the party.

Oleg is married to Svetlana Leveton.


NPC - Oleg Leveton

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