Thursday, Nov 24

After recieving the writ from The Lord Mayor of Restov, the Party traveled by horse to Oleg’s Trading Post to use as a home base to start their quest to survey the Stolen Land as well as remove any and all banditry.

Upon arriving they were enthusiastically greeted by Oleg Leveton and Svetlana Leveton who mistook the Party for being the reinforcements sent by Restov to protect them from the bandits. When the party explained they were to combat banditry but their main purpose was to survey the land, Oleg was furious. Svetlana calmed Oleg down and explained the situation to the Party.

The Party learned that the bandits show up once a month to demand all their goods or they would hurt and/or kill the Levetons. After learning that the bandits are going to arrive the following morning, the party made plans and set up an ambush.

The bandits arrive at dawn the next morning, and after a fierce battle the Party was victorious. One bandit was captured alive, and after a thorough interrogation it was found out that he was a new member of the gang and was already planning on leaving the bandits as they were not what he was looking for. He revealed his name to be Thayden, and was allowed to join the Party.

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