House Rules

Character Creation: 20 point buy. Most races are allowed but see the DM for anything odd.

Initiative: Roll every round for initiative

Criticals: No need to confirm criticals. For criticals that are not a natural 20 you double the base damage of your weapon only. (eg…if you do 1d8 + 15 normally and roll a 1 for the 1d8. Your devastating critical attack is a total of 17 pts of damage(1 + 1 +15). A Natural 20 requires a roll on the special DM crit chart.

Fumbles: If you roll a natural 1 you may fumble. You roll again to confirm the fumble and then roll on the special DM fumble chart.

Spellcasting: If you roll a 1 when casting a spell you fumble. You get to roll on the special DM spell fumble chart.

Clerics: No healing surges or anything that looks similar. They do get full plate and turn undead though.

Movement: You can move around a bad guy without drawing an attack of opportunity as long as you don’t leave his threatened hex.

House Rules

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